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Caller Name: Amanda Spencer

Caller Location*:
29500 Heathercliff Rd
Malibu, CA 90265

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Robo spam call for "breast cancer awareness".

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I believe this person and her group of Mary are scammers! Mary currently lives at 2502 W 115th Pl in Hawthorne, CA and has lived there for about 1 year. The current phone number for Mary is a LandLine at (310) 219-3344 that you can try to call. Aliases: Mary E Rhodes used? Mary is known to have previously used or be associated with the following names or aliases: M E Rhodes, M Rhodes, Mary Elizabeth Rhodes.

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Possible Scammer and Relatives are in it with him. (January 1994), 9968 Scribner Ave, Whittier CA 90605. Eddie Beccerra, Age: 58
Phone Numbers:
(310) 695-1962, (562) 695-1962, (562) 895-1962. 58
Eddie E Beccerra
Santa Fe Springs, CA
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(310) 695-1962, (562) 695-1962, (562) 895-1962. Relatives:
Ana Becerra, Eddie Becerra, Liliana Becerra, Manuel Becerra, and Maria Becerra. (310) 695-1961 is a Robocall Be cautious.The phone number (310) 695-1962 is also used by Eddie Beccerra, Ana A Becerra. Eriberto Becerra is the owner of 09340 Pioneer Blvd , 906700000 property. The telephone numbers for Eddie are (310) 695-1962 (Pacific Bell), (562) 895-1962 (New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLCPacific Bell).