When you use USPhoneSearch.net to discuss numbers with other users, there are a few things we want to make sure you understand. The following document serves as our terms of use. By posting any comment on our site, you agree to these terms.

Our use of your data

First, we want to be very clear about the data we collect and how we use it.

To put it as simply as possible, we collect NO identifying information from you whatsoever. We provide a field for a username, and you are free to use a pseudonym if you wish. At times, we may collect non-identifying information, such as your device's IP address. This information will generally only be used for internal purposes, and will never be published or revealed to third parties except in compliance with a court order or when we believe a crime may have been committed.

In addition to the discussion section of the website, your comment may appear within publicly accessible mobile apps which we operate.

We reserve the right to edit or remove posts for ANY reason, even if they generally comply with the terms of service.

What can you post?

When you post a comment on the site, you are expected to be truthful about the caller. Explain what they wanted when they called, what they said in a voicemail message, etc.

If the number you are commenting on belongs to an individual, you may not post identifying information about them. You can mention that it's a private residence and include generalized location data, but no names, and no addresses.

You may not use the service to make criminal allegations against an individual. If an individual has committed a crime against you, contact your local police department.

You may not use the service for any illegal purpose.

You may not use the service to harass or intimidate any individual or business owner.

You may not post or attempt to post any code or script content.

Comments that violate these terms will be removed and users who post them may be banned from leaving comments or accessing the site.