Nashville Mother Victimized in WWE Ticketing Phone Scam

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July 17, 2022 - A Nashville mother recently found herself the victim of a heartless phone scam while attempting to purchase WWE tickets for her son, Demetrius, a wheelchair bound wrestling superfan.

Karen Trotter reached out to what she believed was Ticketmaster - through a phone number she found on Google - to inquire about accommodations for her disabled son to attend an upcoming WWE live show in their area. She explained to the person on the phone that Demetrius was wheelchair bound and would need a space to sit where someone could be with him.

She was then directed to purchase several hundred dollars worth of eBay gift cards in order to pay for the tickets over the phone. This was offered as a payment method after the operator had Karen check for a local Ticketmaster office, which did not exist.

Upon providing the operator with the gift card numbers, Karen was then informed that the cards were no good, and was asked to go to a different store in order to purchase another set. At that time, Karen realized that she wasn't actually speaking with Ticketmaster and got off the phone.

Realizing she'd been scammed, and having to explain to Demetrius that they wouldn't be able to attend the event, Karen then reached out to her local media in order to help others' protect themselves from this scam.

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This story, however, appears to have a silver lining, as WWE fans on Twitter quickly got Karen's story in front of professional WWE wrestler, Cody Rhodes.

 Rhodes then reached out to local media in order to find Karen. As of now, it appears that he has made contact with her, and it seems that he intends to personally help Demetrius get his wish of attending the event. 

When Cody tweeted that he had found Karen, the fans were ecstatic at the news!

As of now, it seems that Demetrius is well on his way to attending that WWE show, thanks to his loving mother and a little help from good hearted strangers on social media.

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